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1968 Full Size Chevy Exhaust System
The 1968 Full Size Chevy exhaust system kit has been reproduced from original pipes This particular exhaust system used 2 1/2" head pipes and 2" tail pipes on the small blocks and 2 1/2" head pipes and 2" tail pipes on the 396's and 427's except the L-72's which used 2 1/4" tail pipes. Our systems come as a kit with the correct size headpipes with correct flats, correct flanges, correct size mufflers logo deleted and correct tail pipes with angle (original 2" tail pipes would have had resonators which can be optioned for with one of our kits) , correct clamps, installation instructions diagrams and sealant. Correct reproduction Gardner Exhaust exclusive hand built hangers are available.

Ask about our turbo mufflers for a little extra roar!


1968 Full Size L-72 Exhaust Kit 1968 Full Size Chevy Small Block Exhaust Kit

GM A Body Front Hanger

These hangers are correct for the 1968 Full Size Chevy's. They have been unavailable for a very long time so the 68 impala hobbiest was left to use something that looks like this original. Our reproduction hangers come reproduced from our originals and are hand built uisng the correct corded rubbers, backing plates and rivets. They are a Gardner Exhaust Exclusive Reproduction and come zinc plated for longevity. The hnagers are available with any of our 1968 Full Size Chevy exhaust systems.


1968 Full Size Chevy Tail Hangers

These hangers are a reproduction of the orginal hangers used on a the 1965 - 1968 Full Size Chevys. The hangers have been unavailable for quite some time . The absence of the this product meant tha the chevy restorer had to try to find originals which usually after many years left something to be desired. The hangers pictured here are reproduced from the originals seen they are hand built with the correct corded rubbers and correct rivets and backing plates. They are a Gardner Exhaust Exclusive reproduction and available with any of our 1965-1968 Full Size Chevy Exhaust Systems.


1964 - 1972 GM 2" Strap Clamp

This strap clamp was used on the all of the 1968 Full Size Chevy dual exhaust systems Our strap clamps have been reproduced from an original and come zinc plated with the correct sheet metal screw. They come standard with our concours show pkg. or can be optioned with one of our entire systems.


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