The 1967 GTO could have been equipped with four different exhaust systems depending on the performance and transmission type. Std. Duty cars came standard with 2″ head pipes and 2 1/4″ tail pipes. The automatic cars had resonators on the tail pipes where as the manual transmission cars had 2 1/4″ tail pipes that exited where the quarter panel met the bumper. HO cars received the same tail pipes but 2 1/4″ head pipes for better performance. The mufflers were unequal length on all of these cars and the tail pipes on the automatic cars made use of a resonator with a 2″ outlet and a double angle cut. 2″ Stainless Steel exensions were an option on the automatic cars while the manual cars could have received 2 1/4″ chrome extensions. Our reproduction exhaust systems come with the correct head pipes with correct flanges, correct unequal length mufflers, correct tail pipes and yes even the correct resonators once again available only from Gardner. stainless steel and chrome tips are available as well as a concourse show packageĀ for the customer who wants their system to be a little more real than real.

Ask about our Turbo Mufflers for those who want the system to look original but just have to have a little more noise!

1967 GTO HO Manual Transmission System With Angle Cut Tail Pipes

1967 GTO Std. Duty Manual Transmission System With Chrome Tips