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Gardner Exhaust Systems is a premier reproduction exhaust company. Our objective is to make copies of original systems and provide them to the public at a reasonable price. Every exhaust system we build comes as a kit with all the correct hardware, installation instructions and diagrams to aid in the installation. Concentrating our interest only on Muscle Cars allows us to offer exhaust systems that are indistinguishable from originals.

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    My name is Mark Jaloszynski, I recently purchased a complete exhaust from your company and I can honestly say that I am very upset and completely disgusted with MYSELF, for not doing this sooner, you exhaust system is spectacular, you said it would be an exact fit, and would go in no problems, guess what you are right, It was as close as possible to the original, How do I know? I had the original exhaust. Eric I cannot thank you enough, If you remember when I was ordering the exhaust I did not want you to weld on the trumpets for fear of alignment problems, well I found my problem, My rear bumper on the passenger side was off 3/8`s of an inch, I thank you for pointing this out to me. Many times consumers will shop price then quality, As you know quality craftsmanship is not cheap, When someone buys a Gardner Exhaust they have shopped quality first not price. When your system arrived, I brought it over to the garage where I store my car with a few other guys, on Sunday we were all over cleaning our cars and I decided now would be a good time to install my new exhaust, You should have been there to hear all the critics tell me there was no way I would be able to do this myself (none of these guys are familiar with your systems) well start to finish just under 4hrs that`s removing the old exhaust and installing yours, and aligning the rear bumper correctly.

    When I started this car you should have seen the looks on these guy`s faces, The sound is great, the tone is awesome, I hope to share it with you in the near future. In parting I can honestly say that the extra money was wisely spent. I hope you and your staff enjoy many years of prosperity.


    Dear Sirs,

    I have been involved in the restoration hobby for over twenty years and I have seen many companies attempt to duplicate the factory exhaust systems that originally came on these vehicles. During that time, I have tried just about every exhaust system manufacturers products on my show cars, as well as my street cars. Finally I have found a company that strives for perfection!

    The exhaust systems that are being produced by your company non only replicate the original appearance of the factory systems, but the care and quality you put into your products are of the highest standards that I’ve seen from any exhaust manufacturer. Your attention to detail and technical knowledge on exhaust systems are something that you should be very proud of!

    In my opinion, anyone who wants the best exhaust system on the planet, should only look one place…… Gardner Exhaust Systems. Keep up the good work!



    Being Fairly new in this “Hobby”, I am continually amazed with the high caliber of suppliers available. Most are helpful and very service / technically oriented. Thus making every step of the restoration a pleasurable experience.

    After receiving my “Gardner” exhaust system, I can not begin to express my satisfaction. From prior to ordering, to shipping, I discovered what a first class business Gardner was! But upon installation, I knew what I received was as close to the original exhaust as possible. The care and detail was superb. Every piece work without exception and the fit was more than I could of anticipated. Installation was a Snap!

    Thank you for your efforts courteous service and superior quality. I could not recommend your company enough.


    Sorry it took so long. I wanted to send a note saying how much I like my exhaust. I ordered the chambered system for my ’69 RS SS L78 Camaro convertible. I love it! The fit is great, and the sound is incredible (my neighbors may disagree). Here are a couple of pics of my car.

  • Chris Edwards

    Gardner Exhaust Systems

    Recently I had purchased an exhaust system from you for my 1969 Yenko Camaro. In the box was a questionaire to fill out. I just found out the person doing the work on my car lost it. I thought I would e-mail you to tell you he thought it was the best system he had seen and worked with. Sorry it was lost. Thanks,

  • Bob Gagliano

    Got chambered exhaust and it’s on the car already. Only took about 2 hours to do right. Everything is absolutely perfect. System fits exact in every way. This is absolutely the highest quality system I have ever seen or purchased Eric. It goes up so easy that the only thing you could possibly do to improve it is to figure out a way to have it install itself ! The COPO Chevelle sounds awsome with it. Power feels better too although it may be the sound that makes me think its faster ! Do you want pictures of my COPO Chevelle ? If so what would you like ? Pics of the car ,pics of the system installed ? Its the only known documented COPO Chevelle built in California that is currently known to exist.

  • Roy Chaney

    Got the complete exhaust installed on our LS6 70 chevelle we restored for a customer. It fit great and looks great. We won best restored convertible at the first show it went to! Can’t say enough about the wonderful quality of your systems.

  • Don Serafin

    I purchased my exhaust system from you a few years ago, My 68 GTO is in the final stages of restoration, We started the engine yesterday and I stood there with tears in my eyes !!!! It sounded so good we all had to just stand there and listen. My first GTO was a 66 I bought in 65 and then a 68 I bought in 67, I’m retired now and I can’t tell you enough how hearing it run after all these years of working on it, how much it effected me !!!

    It went together PERFECTLY , It is at Bonez Speed Shop in Newburgh NY and Bill Bonez the owner was totally impressed with how your system fit.

    Thank you

  • John Tary

    Hello my name is John Tary and I recently purchased a concours exhaust system for my 1967 ram air GTO.I had my mechanic install it and he called me to praise the form, fit and finish of the system. Everything went together perfectly and he really enjoyed working with such nice material.

    Upon driving my car I must agree wholeheartly, it sounds wonderful. Everyone who has seen my car seems to be familiar with your product line and everyone rates it the best on the market. Thank you for a great product and such wonderful service. Happy motoring.

  • Chuck Roberts

    Hey Eric,

    I Just wanted to drop you a quick note a let you know that the surviving Co Author of the GTO Restoration Guide 1964-1972 highly recommends Gardner Exhaust Systems when you are looking for exact fit and ease of installation. I use only Gardner Exhaust Systems on my own personal GTO’s as well as all of my friends cars.

    Chuck Roberts




  • Richard Jolivet

    Folks at Gardner Exhaust. I finally got a couple days off to put the exhaust system I bought from you on my 1965 Corvette. I am rarely impressed with any aftermarket exhaust products as I am the VP of product management for Autopart International and we produce all OE direct fit import exhaust. So I am pretty picky about form, fit, and function. I have to say your system for my corvette was flawless. From the careful packaging, exceptional bends, quality pipe, exact hangers, gaskets, clamps, flanges, just perfect in every way. I have installed a lot of systems on cars in my life and have never seen such a quality piece. Everything lined up perfectly, slid together easily. If I had not broken every exhaust stud, the entire system would not have more than three hours to install. Thank you and your staff for making a great product.

    Rich Jolivet.

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