Gardner Exhaust Systems was established by Muscle Car Hobbyists who were tired of receiving exhaust systems from the after market that were less than adequate. Over the years Gardner Exhaust Systems has outfitted some of the most valuable muscle cars including but not limited to: 1970 Buick GSX Prototype, 1969 Phase III Baldwin Motion Camaros, 1969 Camaro ZL1s, 1965 Chevelle Z-16s, All of the 1969 Trans Am convertibles, Hemi Challenger and Cuda Convertibles, and numerous Yenko and Copo Chevelles and Camaros.

If it has to deal with the exhaust system we take care of it! We know our customers are busy thinking of other areas of the restoration. Every exhaust system we build requires a great deal of calculating, engineering, bending and sizing. We make sure that you, the customer, do not have to be concerned with any of it.

All of our exhaust systems are manufactured to the exact factory specifications. No additional cutting bending or welding is required. All parts are included with your exhaust system to help make the installation an easy one, especially for the average hobbyist. At Gardner Exhaust Systems we know the hobby we participate in often becomes obsessive, and we see no reason why this should cease at the exhaust system.

Gardner Exhaust Systems is not a muffler shop dealing in custom exhaust systems, nor are we a catalog company offering everything from body panels to brake lines. We are engineers who take pride in building Muscle Car Exhaust Systems exactly the way the original manufacturers intended them to be. Should you have one of these Masterpieces, we are sure outfitting your Muscle Car with a Gardner Exhaust System will be one of the most satisfying processes of the restoration.

Not a muffler Shop!

  • All systems are reproduced from original pipes and factory specifications.
  • Each system carries a money back guarantee.
  • Every system is sent as a kit with all the correct flanges, clamps, hangers donuts and inserts when applicable.
  • Each and every system we build is accompanied by tips and diagrams as well as sealant to aid in installation.
  • A concours show kit is available ( includes coated flanges, stainless clamps and or zinc plated clamps, and plated hangers, etc.)