We do a great deal of research with our systems to make sure each system we build comes with the correct fasteners so our customer need not be concerned with running down to the hardware store to get some kind of a makeshift screw. The fasteners below are available with our kits. In most cases we provide not only the correct size screw but the correct head marking as well. The majority of these fasteners come standard with our kit. The picture below is only a sample of the different screws, bolts, studs nuts, and washers we provide with our products.


Chevy Stud Kit

1967 - 1969 Camaro Front Hanger Screws

1967 - 1968 Camaro Driver Side Tail Hanger Srews

1967 - 1968 Passenger Tail Hanger Screws

1969 Camaro Tail Hanger Screws

1965 - 1972 Nova Front Hanger Screws

GM A -Body Front Hanger Screws

1971 - 1972 GM A-Body Front Hanger Screws

1970 - 1974 Camaro Tail Hanger Screws


Hemi Bolt Kit

383 / 440 Bolt Kit

1966 - 1971 Mopar Front Hanger Screws

1970 - 1971 E-Body Tail Hanger Screws


AMC Screws