The 1969 Hurst SC Rambler exhaust system can be considered one of the more unique exhaust systems of the Muscle Car Era as it is the only exhaust system that came from the factory with Thrush Glass Packs. This exhaust system was a 2″ exhaust system all the way through right from the factory. The system consisted of 2″ head pipes, 2″ intermediate pipes, 16″ Thrush Glass Packs with a 2″ ID inlet and outlet and 2″ tail pipes with two brackets welded on for the attaching tail pipe hangers. Our exhaust system kits come with the correct size exhaust pipes 14 ga. aluminized, correct hangers welded on tail pipes, correct length glass packs, correct flanges, installation instructions and sealant. Q-clamps which are known to be original on these systems are available, as well as the correct hanger kit and chrome tips. This exhaust system has been reproduced from a very rare original exhaust system from a very low mileage SC Rambler.

1969 Rambler Scrambler Exhaust Kit