For those of you who want to rattle your neighbors windows the chambered exhaust system is available for both 1969 Camaro Small Block and Big Blocks. This system came standard on your 1969 Z/28’s and your High Horsepower Big Block Camaros up until Nov 19th. 1968. This system then became an option until around April 21st of 1969. The chambered exhaust system was never available with chrome tail pipes originally and Gardner Exhaust keeps it that way. Our chambered exhaust system comes standard with the correct 2 1/4″ head pipes with wrinkle bends and flats, extensions, donuts, correct Chevy small or big block flanges, correct 3″ chambered tube with 2″ over axle pipes welded in. The chambered tubes have the correct perforated internals and exact number of crimps as the original. The correct brackets are welded on the transverse chambered mufler and the muffler comes pre assembled. We include the correct 2″ tail pipes with all the correct flats and angle cuts as well as the correct round bottom style clamps as original. Our exclusive chambered hangers kit comes hand-built with the correct corded rubbers and rivets. installation instructions and sealant come standard to ease in assembly. This system is not for the light-hearted, if you do not like to make noise this system is not for you.

1969 Camaro Small Block Chambered Exhaust System

1969 Camaro Big Block Chambered Exhaust System