The 1967 Chevelle had two different small block exhaust systems when GM outfitted these muscle cars. The small block dual exhaust cars received 2 1/2″ head pipes and 2″ tail pipes with resonators welded on. If you opted for the L-79 you got 2 1/2″ head pipes and 2 1/4″ tail pipes GM accomplished this by welding in a small section to the front left head pipe and swaging down the right. Our exhaust system kits on both applications come with the correct head pipes with wrinkles and flats and correct tail pipes with wrinkles and double angle cut. The small block non high performance cars got the full length tail pipes with resonators welded on but the L-79s got 2 1/4″ tail pipes that ended behind the rear wheels .The kit will also include correct mufflers logo deleted, correct muffler hangers, clamps, screws, installation instructions, diagrams and sealant. tail pipe hangers are available as well as retainers and strap clamps for reproduction authenticity. Ask about our concourse package to bump up to corded rubber zinc plated hangers, ss clamps, ceramic coated flanges, retainers and strap clamps. Or pull out all the stops and have us hand build you button head riveted hangers.

1967 Chevelle Small Block Exhaust Kit

1967 Chevelle L-79 Exhaust Kit