These systems consisted of 2″ front pipes,2″intermediate pipes that would have been welded to the mufflers, and 1 7/8 “tail pipes. Our Exhaust system comes as pictured below with correct front pipes, flanges, extensions, donuts, intermediate pipes, tail pipes, and mufflers. Correct hangers and clamps can be optioned for with one of our entire exhaust systems. (Original systems came with the choice of two mufflers the standard muffler or the off-road which came standard on your high horse cars and fuel injected cars. These cars were outfitted with a h-pipe per say. The right and left head pipe had ¬†little nipples welded to them in the front and two pipes that made up a cross over pipe were clamped on them.

Ask about our turbo mufflers for a little extra roar!

1961 Corvette Low HP Off Road Kit

1961 Corvette Low HP Noise Reduction Package