The 1973 Corvette Exhaust systems for the L-82 small block and big block cars both consisted of 2 1/2″ front pipes and rear pipes 2 1/4″outlet mufflers with chrome extensions.The small block high performance system had a swaged down 2″ section on each of the front pipes which no company other than Gardner offers. The lower performance cars got 2″ pipes thorough out. Our original pipes consisted of wrinkle bends on the small blocks and the big blocks front and rear pipes so that is the way we build them. Our kits come 14 ga aluminized with the correct front pipes, correct flanges, extensions, donuts, sealant, guillotine clamps, mufflers, installation instructions and diagrams. Reproduction muffler hangers are available as well as heat riser and stud kit. Our system comes with flats in the rear pipes as original and guillotine clamps for center exhaust hanger but opened style clamps for tips. Ask about our concourse show packageĀ for the hobbiest who can’t stand surface rust.

1973 Corvette Small Block Low HP Automatic Exhaust System