The 1965 El Camino small block dual exhaust cars recieved 2 1/2″ head pipes and 2″ tail pipes that exited behind the rear wheels. GM accomplished this by swaging down a section to 2″ on the passenger side head pipe and welding in a section of 2″ tubing on the driver side head pipe.. Our exhaust system kits come with the correct head pipes with wrinkles and flats and correct tail pipes.  Original tail pipes were unequal in length allowing the same tail pipes to be used on the El Camino and the station wagons. Our customers can opt for this as well as our custom designed system so that the tail pipes are mirror images and look symmetrical coming out the side of the car. The kit will also include correct mufflers logo deleted, correct muffler hangers, clamps, screws, installation instructions, diagrams and sealant. tail pipe hangers are available as well as retainers and strap clamps for reproduction authenticity. Ask about our concourse package to bump up to corded rubber zinc plated hangers, zinc clamps, ceramic coated flanges, retainers and strap clamps.

Ask about our turbo mufflers for a little extra roar!

1965 El Camino Small Block