The 1971 -1972 El Camino had a unique exhaust system that is not available anywhere. This system consisted of 2 1/2″ head pipes and 2 ” tail pipes like a 1970 exhaust system however, these systems also used a transverse muffler as well. We have yet to come up with a orginal system for these cars. Thus far every customer has wanted the 1970 system, and who could blame them. Our kit for these cars will actually be a 1970 kit and will fit and look correct. This kit will come with the correct 2 1/2″ head pipes and 2″ tail pipes it will also include correct mufflers logo deleted, correct muffler hangers, clamps, screws, installation instructions, diagrams and sealant. tail pipe hangers are available as well as retainers and strap clamps for reproduction authenticity. Ask about our concourse package to bump up to corded rubber zinc plated hangers, zinc clamps, ceramic coated flanges, retainers and strap clamps.

Ask about our turbo mufflers for a little extra roar!

1970 El Camino Big Block Kit