The 1974 Firebird Exhaust system came with both 2″ and 2 1/4″ head pipes. The std. duty dual exhaust cars all were outfitted with 2″ head pipes, 2 1/4″ over the  axle pipes with 2′ tail pipes. The heavy breathing Ram Air cars were equipped with the same size tail pipes and over axle pipes but 2 1/4″ head pipes to help get the exhaust gasses more quickly out of the motor. Our Firebird Exhaust systems have been reproduced from originals and come with the correct head pipes with correct flats, correct over axle pipes, correct tail pipes with exact original bracket welded on, correct transverse muffler, GM style clamps, installation instructions, diagrams and sealant. Reproduction cast flanges, muffler hangers and tail hangers are available with our systems as well as our reproduction chrome tips and the exact correct original style clamps. . Ask about our concourse show package for those of us who like the restoration to be a little more real than real.

1974 Firebird and Trans Am Std. Duty Exhaust System