The 1965 GTO came equipped with one of two exhaust systems The stock system used 2 1/4″ head pipes and 2″ tail pipes. If the car was optioned as a stick shift 3/2 BBL car than the head pipes were the same but the tail pipes started as a 2 1/4″ tail pipe with a welded in resonator and exited out of the resonator at 2″. Splitters were an option that added a unique looking extension exiting under the rear quarter panel. Our system is reproduced from an original and comes with the correct flanges, correct head pipes with flats, correct mufflers, correct tail pipes with angle cut on full length systems, correct splitter tail pipes on splitter systems, and correct resonator tail pipes for stick shift 3/2 BBL. cars, muffler hangers, correct tail pipe hangers, correct GM style clamps, installation instructions, diagrams and sealant. Splitter hangers and splitters are on option, as well as a concourse show package for the hobbiest who wants it a little more real than real.

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1965 GTO 4 BBL System with Splitters

1965 GTO With Full Length Tail Pipes

1965 GTO Stick Shift 3 / 2 BBL. With Splitters