The 1968 GTO has the distinction of introducing probably the most unusual of any GM Muscle Car exhaust systems. The 68 GTO was available with four different systems. The Std duty manual cars received 2″ head pipes and 2 1/4″ tail pipes, while the HO manual cars were outfitted with 2 1/4″ head pipes and 2 1/4″ tail pipes. The automatic cars used the same head pipes as the manual cars but a tail pipe that probably would get most employees fired if they pitched it to R&D today. This tail pipe was a 2 1/4 tail pipe that split into two 2″ pipes one allowing the gases to exit out the back of the car the other pinched shut just above it. Our 1968 GTO exhaust systems come with the correct head pipes, correct unequal length mufflers, correct tail pipes, yes even the tuner tail pipe for the automatic cars, correct hangers, correct GM style clamps, correct flanges, installation instructions, diagrams and sealant, chrome extension which made use of a GM adapter pipe to correct the geometries of the system are an option, as well as a concourse show package to keep the system looking clean and new.

Ask about our Turbo Mufflers for those who want the system to look original but just have to have a little more noise, or upgrade to our new performance package with 2 1/2″ head pipes when you want the pipes a little larger but don’t want to sacrifice the original look.

1968 GTO HO Manual Transmission Exhaust System

1968 GTO HO Manual Transmission With Adapter Pipes and Chrome Tips


1968 GTO Std. Duty Automatic Transmission Exhaust System With Tuner Tail Pipes


1968 GTO HO Automatic Exhaust System With Tuner Tail Pipes

1968 GTO Std. Duty Manual Transmission Exhaust System

1968 GTO HO Performance Manual  System With 2  1/2″ Head Pipes and 2 1/4″ Tail Pipes