The 1972 GTO Systems were the same for both automatic and manual transmission cars however they did change from 2″ to 2 1/4″ head pipes for the std duty and Ram Air cars. The rest of the system consisted of 25″ long mufflers and 2 1/4″ tail pipes that exited behind the rear wheel. The splitter was held into the tail pipe with a lock and key style method. The tail pipe had an expanded section at the end with a formed groove that corresponded to the groove in the splitter. The correct splitter and tail pipe combo has been extinct for a very long time. No longer will the 72 GTO restorer have to settle. Gardner Exhaust is now reproducing the correct reproduction chrome plated splitter and tail pipe combo as original with the correct slotted grooved splitter and correct grooved punched¬†tail pipe. This system will come with correct flanges, clamps, front hangers,attaching hardware, installation instructions diagrams, and sealant Correct reproduction tail hangers are available. Ask about our concourse show package¬†when original just is not good enough.

Ask about our turbo mufflers for a little extra roar!

1972 GTO Std. Duty Exhaust Kit