1970 E – Body 340 Exhaust System

The 1970 Challegner and Cuda 340 systems used the same resonators, tailpipes with welded on mufflers, hangers and hardware as there big brother cars the Hemi and the 440  but had different front pipes. The head pipes on the 340 E- Body cars were 2 1/4″  This kit comes with the correct head pipes with correct welded on flanges and flats, correct 340 bolt kit with correct bolts and mars den nuts,  correct resonators date coded and part numbered, correct tail pipes with correct date coded and flattened mufflers, mufflers have exact correct original bracket welded on as per our original.  The exact correct resonator hangers and mufflers hangers as well as correct round bottom mopar clamps and correct q – clamps, and correct tips are available with any of our 340 E-body exhaust system kits

1970 340 Cuda Exhaust System