The 1970 Nova dual exhaust system consisted of 2 1/4″ head pipes on both the big block and the small block cars. The small block cars had the pipes necked down to 2″ at the manifold while the big blocks were expanded up to 2 1/2″. Both systems used 2 1/4″ over the axle pipes and 2″ tail pipes ending mid way back behind the rear wheel and the bumper, resonators were used on the small block cars. Our system comes reproduced from originals and includes the correct head pipes with wrinkle bends, correct over the axle pipes, correct tail pipes with angle cut and flats, extensions, donuts, correct rounded bottom clamps, and guillotine clamps, tail pipe hangers, installation instructions diagrams and sealant are standard to aid in assembly of exhaust system.

1970 Nova Big Block Deep Tone System

1970 Nova Big Block Resonator System

1970 Nova Small Block Resonator System.